Congratulations are in order for the Lower Providence Republican Committee’s 2015 endorsed slate of local candidates:

District Magistrate- Cathleen Kelly Rebar

LP Township supervisor – Colleen Eckman (incumbent) and Peter MacFarland

LP Township Auditor – Timothy O’Connell

LP Township Constable – Cornelius Dotts

Methacton School Board:

Cathleen Barone

Scott Dorn

Greg Pellicano

Scott Misus

Kim Woodring

While we in LP 2-3 did not not support Ms. Eckman for re-endorsement/re-election for several reasons, and we supported 3 of the 5 school board candidates with our endorsements, we are committed to working hard to elect our entire endorsed slate.

Our voting precinct continues to be well represented on the school board, with Ms. Barone, Mr. Pellicano and Mr. Nacscimento (school board president) all currently serving. Current LP 2-3 school board member Maria Shackelford was not re-endorsed but will continue to finish out her term through the end of the year.

We hope to see all of you at our new polling place in May and November to support our team. More on THAT coming very shortly!

Final results for our poll:

Corbett/Cawley: 402
Wolf/Stack: 453

Costello: 483 
Trivedi: 360

Vereb: 563
McKenzie: 281

Rafferty:  560
Cozzone: 288

While the Governor lost across LP (except Shannondell) and PA, Governor-elect Wolf will need a LOT of luck getting his agenda passed when we sent even more Republicans to our state senate and house. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote today. We had a total voter count of 853 plus 10 absentee ballots for approx 50% turnout, outstanding for a mid-term election cycle.

And, icing on the cake, Republicans retook control of the US Congress! Great day to be a Republican.  
Results for all of LP by precinct:

~ Janice Kearney

We’ve been busy! From working the LP Republican Committee table at LP’s Fall Fest, to getting out the vote, we’re in full combat mode to get our slate of candidates elected.  Which neighborhood will we be in next? Hope to see YOU on November 4!

 ~ Janice Kearney