For the three races of local interest, unofficial results (our poll only; total results township or school-district wide are below this):

Methacton School Board: LP dist 2-3 only; doesn’t include other polls:
Hull 273
Cancro 269
Drummond 276
Navarette 260
Hackett 230
Allebach 220
Rothe 217
Vavra 219

Township Supervisor (LP 2-3 only):

Coless 247
Neights 245
Sorgini 262
Clement 257

Auditor (LP 2-3 only):

Burda 235
Perrone 238

Township-wide results for local races of interest; Methacton School Board director district-wide results (LP and Worcester Twps)

  MSD SB GE2017 rev LPT auditor 2017 rev LPT BOS GE17 rev










LP Township Board of Supervisors – incumbent Jason Sorgini and newcomer Joe Clement




Methacton School Board Directors:

Brenda Hackett      brenda hackett

Brenda Hackett is a resident of Lower Providence and has lived in the area her entire life.  She is a graduate of Little Flower H.S. in Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania with a BBA in Accounting. She has four grown children . Three of her grandchildren attended Methacton schools.  She worked for 35 years as an accountant in a variety of industries, both profit and non-profit.  At retirement, she was the Chief Operating Officer of a non-profit organization in the academic field (Metanexus Institute). 

She was elected to the Board of School Directors of Methacton School District in 2013 and has served on several committees – Education, Finance, Human Resources, Policy.  In addition, she was elected to the Board of the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit as the representative of Methacton’s Board.  Ms. Hackett is also the Board liaison to the Curriculum Committee and the Home and School groups of the District.  She advocates for strong educational practices, fiscal responsibility, operational efficiency and effective Board leadership.

Candy Allebach  candy allebach

Candy Allebach has lived in Lower Providence Township for 35 years.  Her husband and two of her three children are graduates of the Methacton School District. Candy has been a strong and diligent supporter of the Methacton School District and a consistent advocate of responsible financial planning and spending.  She has been attending School Board meetings as a resident for the past 11 years.
Candy is a strong spokesperson for the position that the Methacton School Board needs to be fiscally responsible to All Taxpayers living in the school district. Currently, the vast majority of taxpayers in the Methacton School District do not have children in the schools. Many of those taxpayers are senior citizens. The education of the students in our schools is of the utmost importance and the cost of the education must be of constant focus. The School Board needs an advocate for the vast majority of taxpayers. Their concerns need to be heard and addressed. Keeping the lines of communication open between the School Board and the public at all times is critical to the success of the District. Candy is dedicated to open communication and working together. Candy is also a strong advocate for children with Special Needs.

Herb Rothe III   herb rothe

Herb Rothe III – Herb is the 4th generation owner of his 109 year-old family run flower shop in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia.  He is a graduate of Penn State University, and has resided in Worcester township, with his wife Cheryl, for 19 years.  Herb and Cheryl have two children in the Methacton School District, and are very active with the Methacton Music Boosters.  Herb has a strong interest in the future direction of the Methacton School District, and wants to ensure that the quality education Methacton provides continues onto the next generation.  However, he wants to make sure that there is strong financial oversight and accountability within the district which will in turn strengthen and enable more effective funding for quality education.

Herb is completing his second four year term on the Board.  Herb currently serves on the Property Committee of the Board and is the Board elected representative to the North Montco Technical Career Center. During previous terms, Herb has served as Vice President of the Board as well as served on the Finance, Human Resources, Technology and Policy Committees. Herb looks forward to continuous service on the Board.

Karen S. Vavra  karen vavra

Karen S. Vavra and her family have lived in the district for over 17 years. She received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Missouri and her MBA with concentration in Finance from Villanova University. She also holds a CPA license in the state of Pennsylvania.

Karen has a deep background in the areas of finance and accounting. She has worked for global asset management firms, banking organizations, and accounting firms. Prior to the financial services industry, Ms. Vavra held several positions with accounting firms where she gained in-depth knowledge of financial statement structure and review. Many of her professional roles involve promoting an environment of collaboration and communication to find common ground between participants.
Karen enjoys volunteering in her children’s activities by participating in their school activities, Girl Scout events, sports groups, and supporting their various creative arts activities.

Karen will work to ensure the board’s focus is primarily on education with a strong financial management.


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