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Breaking news as of 1/25/12: PA Supreme Court throws out redrawn state legislative districts, putting many campaigns in a tailspin as nominating petitions go out….this does not affect the recently redrawn Congressional districts.
Those of us in our voting district here in Trooper used to be represented on the federal level by U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan. Well, no more! After each census, districts are redrawn based on population (and, of course, political gerrymandering for utmost political gain by the ruling party). Some politicians gain, some lose.
As a result of the 2011 redistricting, we are no longer in the U.S. 7th Congressional district, but are now in the U.S. 6th Congressional district, and represented by Rep. Jim Gerlach. Senator Pat Toomey remains our U.S. Senator.
No matter where you live in Lower Providence or surrounding areas, feel free to use the link below to the Google street-level map to zoom in on YOUR street and see where you fall!
In addition, the state-level Representatives and  Senate districts are in the process of being redrawn. Rep. Mike Vereb will remain our state Representative in the 150th district, but also picks up a few more voting districts in Lower Providence, along with Skippack and Perkiomenville (he loses Norristown and Trappe).
State Senator Rafferty’s district (44th) stays the same as far as Lower Providence goes, but his area changes substantially. He’ll still represent parts of Berks, Chester and Montgomery Counties.
The link below shows the old and new districts overlaid; just click on the correct district # (it also features a new congressional map too)


For those of us who are confused by the sheer number of Republican candidates for president next year and their various positions on the issues (there’s only been a zillion debates, right?) below is a handy little tool that will show you where you fall in the spectrum. The quiz takes only a couple minutes. My results were Bachmann, Perry, Paul. What are yours?

Match-O-Matic: Who\’s Your 2012 Candidate Match?


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