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As we mentioned on the radio this morning, Mitt Romney will host a rally, September 28th at Valley Forge Military Academy, 1001 Eagle Road in Wayne. Doors open at 9:30 with the event scheduled to begin at 11:30am. To obtain FREE tickets, you must visit

For any questions, please contact RomneyPA at TeamPA@mittromney.comor (717) 746-8098 or see the flyer below:

 ~ Janice Kearney

PA Flyer


If you’ve seen my red Volvo inching down your street lately, it can only mean one thing – time to knock on doors, drop literature, and push our candidates!

Working with the Romney/Ryan Victory Center at Butler & Ridge in Conshohocken (also HQ for the downballot candidates, Tom Smith for Senate and others) I’m working hard in LP 2-3 to talk about our candidates and their positions on the issues, and to get the vote out. Many of our Committeepeople like myself and other volunteers are busy contact Independents, those with no party affiliation, and infrequent Republican and Democrat voters to make sure they know who the candidates are, where to go to vote, answer questions about voter ID, etc.

I’ve been doing that in our district for several weeks now. I’ve dropped off voter registration forms and, absentee ballot applications to a number of you, and as of today, I’m almost done – I have 62 more houses to visit and then I’m done in our district and will help out with others in Lower Providence.

And, stay tuned for my annual pre-election mailing with info you need to know before you go to vote, and my regular yard-sign, bumper sticker/button giveaway/voter registration event…details to be announced very soon!

I’ll be helping to man the Lower Providence Republican Committee table at the upcoming Oct. 6 Lower Providence Township Fall Fest, and the LP Republican Committee Picnic/fundraiser is this coming Sunday, Sept. 30 (see below for details). Please stop by for both and support your local Republican team.

I’ve met so many wonderful people that I don’t usually get the opportunity to talk to during an election season, and I’m happy to say a majority of them tell me they are voting for Romney/Ryan. Don’t believe the media-controlled polls that are trying to discourage us and get us to stay home…we are very much still in this race! I have also been pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the high school seniors I’ve met who are concerned about their futures and are helping get out the vote by volunteering to help the campaigns.

If you have any questions about voter ID, voter registration, absentee voting or volunteering, let me know! I will get it taken care of ASAP.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing everyone again at our poll on November 6! See you then!

~ Janice Kearney





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~ Janice Kearney

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