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In the only real contested race on the Republican side of the ballot in LP2-3, I’m happy to report the Kearney-Greco team wound up winners in the 3-way race for two Committee seats:

Final results were (this includes absentee ballots which the county’s unofficial numbers do not):

Kearney  113  (Re-elected)

Greco       91  (Elected)

Eskie        86

The rest of the results for our poll appear below; if you want the township wide view (by precinct) or for the entire county, check out the Voter Services site here.

Thank you so much to those of you who took the time to interrupt your day and support us with your votes (some of you at the very last minute!) We very much appreciate your trust in us, and look forward to working hard to represent you and our Party. As always, please reach out whenever you have questions about a candidate or issue in future elections.

~ Janice Kearney

 (See ‘Voting Info’ tab for a sample ballot for the LP 2-3 voting district)…I’m button C-29 and Maria is C-28.

And, check us out on Facebook: (link below)

Committeepeople are the grass roots worker bees of the party and are elected every four years in the primary (no general for us!)

I’ve been doing the job (officially) since you trusted me with your votes in 2010, although I worked on numerous campaigns and was involved in our community long before that.  Maria Greco was one of our committeepeople approximately 15 years ago, stepped away to raise her children, and wants to jump back in.

With 3 people running for 2 seats, it’s a contested race, so I ask that if you like the job I’ve done, you continue to support me, and give me a teammate who WANTS to work with me, Maria Greco. More about us is above.

Over the past 4 years I’ve visited many of you numerous times, as I

  • collected signatures on nominating petitions for candidates, so that they meet state guidelines to appear on the ballot
  • walked candidate campaign literature door to door and asked you about issues
  • sent you mailer updates on election info
  • walked candidates door to door
  • attended township and school board meetings to stay up to date on issues and communicate your interests to our elected officials
  • dropped off yard signs
  • staffed our polling place
  • calling voters to drive turnout for our candidates in the presidential elections
  • attending Republican committee events all across Montgomery County to network with counterparts in other areas and learn / demonstrate best practices…
  • and developed this website, for the voters of the 2-3 voting district
  • one memorable day before Election Day, I ran back and forth from a physical therapy/rehab facility to the courthouse to obtain an emergency absentee ballot for a voter who found herself in the hospital and unable to vote at the last minute.

 It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy every minute of it.  Maria also has done this job, knows what’s expected, and is capable, willing and eager to do it again.

We guarantee you will never see us sitting inside the poll reading a book on Election Day! Please support the TWO of us on May 20!

In addition to Kearney/Greco, please come out to vote for our awesome state rep, Mike Vereb (also doing great things as the new leader of the Montgomery County Republican Committee since November 2013) and state senator John Rafferty.  Also, consider supporting Ryan Costello for US Congress to replace departing Jim Gerlach.  Our governor, Tom Corbett, is also up for re-election.  Even if you are not happy with Tom Corbett, the rest of the candidates deserve your support.

See you on May 20!!!

~ Janice Kearney





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