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These results are for OUR polling place ONLY. Municipal, district and state results will not be available for some time yet. Also please note the county is still holding a number of our absentee ballots that came in during the extended deadline to return them (we had 50 in hand that were returned prior to 11/4). Note that there were a large # of undervotes, where people declined to vote for either candidate at the top of the ticket or in other offices. Votes for third-party or write-in candidates was miniscule.  Turnout was 75%

Clinton 696, Trump 679 (US President)
McGinty 602, Toomey 802 (US Senate)
Shapiro 637, Rafferty 791 (PA Attorney General)
Costello 821, Parrish 574 (US Congress- House of Reps)
Corr 815, Weaver 584 (PA state rep, 150th)

Ballot question to increase judicial retirement age from 70 to 75:
Yes 401, No 478

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