Republican Lower Providence Township supervisor candidates that cleared the primary (alphabetically by last name), two candidates for two open seats:
  • Janice K. Kearney
  • Jill R. Zimmerman
Republican Methacton School Board candidates that cleared the primary (alphabetically by last name), five candidates for five open seats:
  • Cathleen McLees Barone
  • Mark Edward O’Neill
  • Joyce E. Petrauskas
  • Maria Shackelford
  • Kim Woodring

Janice Kearney:

I am a hometown girl, raised in Lower Providence Township since age 5. A graduate of Methacton High School (maiden name: Weaver), I’ve spent most of my life here and have a deep appreciation for the quality of life our community has to offer and a vested interest in continuing to make it a superior, affordable place to live, work and raise a family.

My husband also grew up here (we were married in Valley Forge National Park), and we decided to raise our kids here. When he passed away unexpectedly 8 years ago at age 42, I elected to stay in the area to give them the kind of community experience I had.

I’m the mom of a 22-year old daughter and a son, almost 17, who’s a junior at Methacton High School and a talented left-handed pitcher playing on the local baseball circuit.

Employed as a paralegal, and the previous co-owner/operator of a small transportation business in Arizona, I’ve been involved in some way or another with township affairs for many years and have served on most of our boards and commissions, chairing two. Rarely missing a township meeting, I’m familiar with the players, issues and processes to get things done, and if elected, will be able to hit the ground running and be effective immediately with no learning curve.

An elected committeewoman in Trooper (Dist. 2-3) I have worked on many political campaigns over the years at every level and have forged valuable relationships with our counterparts in other municipalities and at the county, state and federal level. If elected, I’ll be able to leverage those relationships to Lower Providence’s benefit.

My major focuses will be on removing obstacles to attracting and retaining viable businesses to enable delivery of tax revenue and jobs;  maintaining our record of providing a high level of service without tax increases on residents; driving completion of the 422 interchange and other traffic management solutions; continuing my record of transparency in our operations, and eliminating wasteful spending. An early advocate against tolling on 422, I will continue to be a voice in discussions on this subject for our residents.







2011 Republican endorsed commissioners and row office candidates

The Republican team of candidates: for Montgomery County (PA) commissioner and row offices: (for  more information on each please visit and click on the “Our Team” tab.

Jenny Brown (Lower Merion)
Bruce Castor (Lower Salford

District Attorney
Risa Vetri Ferman (Abington)

Stewart Greenleaf, Jr. (Upper Moreland)

Recorder of Deeds
Nancy Becker (Towamencin)

Eileen Behr (Whitemarsh)




Chuck Wilson (Towamencin)

Clerk of Courts
Moon Ahn (Worcester)

Gordon Clement (Whitpain)

Bill Donnelly (Horsham)

Register of Wills
Patricia Mosesso (West Norriton)

Daniel Clifford (Springfield)

Maureen Coggins (Upper Hanover)

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